bogao profile

Shanghai Bogao Technology Limited Company was founded by Bearing Institute of Shanghai University in 1990.The company is specializing in the field of oil-lubricated plain bearings design and manufacturing, such as barrel bearing, elliptical bearing, three oil wedges bearing, four oil wedges bearing, dislocated-bearing, and tilting pad bearing, especially bearings applying on high speed pumps, air compressors, centrifugal compressors, aerostatic presses, steam turbines, blowers and so on. We use wear-resisting materials as bore surface, including Babbitt metal(ZSnSb11Cu6, ZSnSb12Pb10Cu4、ZSnSb8Cu4)or copper alloys(CuSn10P、 CuSn8P、 CuSn8Pb2、 CuPb10Sn10).Over the years, we have accumulated much experience on designing and manufacturing plain bearings of various large generating units and rotating equipments. Our products are popular among China domestic market. The company has set foot in petrochemical industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, electric power industry and glass manufacturing. We keep long term business relationship especially with large-scale steel enterprises.In recent years, we also export to Japan, Southeastern Asia and Middle East co...